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*** 2018 Funny Summer 3   ***初夏的竹子湖繡球花田  ***2018 Funny Summer~ Making room reservation by phone or email is able to get an upgrade!  ***2018   ***2018 Special Rate for the High Speed Rail travelers  ***穿越時空.百年驛站.風華再現  ***Offer self laundry  ***New view  ***您是我們特約公司的員工嗎??別忽略了您住宿的優惠權益!!  ***Sakura Tree of the Sakura Suite  ***Welcome to join us !!!  ***Special information for guests from China, Hongkong, Macou, Singapore and Malaysia
舒適的泡湯氣氛-泉都溫泉會館 溫泉源頭-地熱谷