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December gifts—In this Christmas holiday, you will explore the bright night view of Christmas by free Taipei sightseeing bus in Taipei.

 In Christmas  of Taipei City, the night is more and more shiny !!

This year, let you change the perspective to enjoy the bright Taipei City!!

During Christmas holiday in Taipei, the bright night view of Taipei, the colorful Christmas decorations

and warm celebrations always attract thousands of domestic and foreign tourists to come Ttaipei ...

This year let's take a different perspective to enjoy this beautiful and bright city ....

Take a ride [Taipei  sightseeing bus] and take a relaxing stroll through Taipei night city ...

Overnight, you can look at every corner full of Christmas atmosphere ...

Date: December 23~27th  2018

For accommodation consumption, the guests will  receive  free Taipei sightseeing bus' night  tickets.

 Daily 17:00pm~~21:00pm, along the red route of the sightseeing bus, ready to get on and off all night ...

Take you to explore the charming night scene of Christmas in Taipei.....

 Give you a new touch of vision!

Enquiries (reservation) line: 886-2-28960077

Offical website:

FB:  Chyuan Du Spring Resort














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